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Holistic Nutrition

What is Holistic Nutrition?

One of the most crucial problems of modern civilization is malnutrition. Whether we consider malnutrition from poverty or shortage of food as encountered in third world and developing countries, or as a result of overindulgence, dietary abuse and lack of education in the developed world, we find enormous suffering caused by the way we feed ourselves. We are dying of malnutrition. 

Fortunately, we are beginning to awaken to a new and vital interest in nutrition,  food quality, ethical food sourcing and local farming practices. This is not your traditional scientific or dietetic field focusing on caloric intake vs output as the sole basis for dietary planning. This a new emerging sphere where we examine not only our relationship with food on a physical level, but also in the spiritual and psychological arenas. In this move towards informed personal freedom, people begin to truly understand that we are what we eat. 

What does a Holistic Nutritionist do exactly?

Although we do not technically diagnose or treat disease, a C.H.N (Certified Holistic Nutritionist) is trained to support the body's natural healing process primarily through the manipulation of diet and addition of natural, high quality supplements and botanicals as necessary. We can create a customized eating plan specifically designed for an indivual's unique bio-chemical nutritional requirements. 

Each of the body's systems are looked at as they relate to the whole and supported through balancing unique nutritional needs rather than trying to conform to a mass produced dietary plan or a quick-fix pill.  

We can help support and re-balance the body's intricate and interdependent systems through custom meal planning, education on personal triggers and focusing on weaker areas in need of particular nutritional support and work to optimize bodily function whether it be digestion & elimination, detoxification & optimal liver function or metabolism & thyroid function. 

What does an initial consultation look like? 

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with Diabetes; Crohn's, Colitis or IBS; have Celiac or other allergies and food intolerances; or really just want to know how to be the healthiest version of yourself that you can possibly be; a CHN can help. 

In your initial appointment, prior to speaking your CHN will send you a Nutritional Systems Profile that includes an Online Assessment and 3 day Food Journal to be filled out in your own time. Once completed we look at everything from future goals to past traumas, possible toxins in your environment to current habits of eating and living; think of it as the "Interview Process". We will also go over the results of your Online Assessment. Reviewing this material will give your Holistic Nutritionist a good idea of how to lead you onto your path to wellness and come up with most suiting action plan meet your goals.

After some review and research,  within 72 hours your Holistic Nutritionist will then send you your completed Action Plan! This will review and cover your primary goals with focus on the three key changes needed to work on with each goal. This will include dietary recommendations with sample recipes and a list of foods to focus on and foods to avoid, recommendations for supplements as necessary and suggestions on how to incorporate some lifestyle adjustments to maximize the benefits of your new focus on healthy living.