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Jen Thompson, Certified Yoga Instructor

I found yoga at a time in my life that I needed it most, and after my first class my journey had begun. I couldn’t believe the difference I felt in myself, not just physically but also spiritually and emotionally. Little did I know then, that it would help me discover who I was (and who I wasn't). I looked to yoga for calmness, but I soon discovered that yoga gave me so much more. After practicing as a student for many years, life presented me with the opportunity to take my Yoga Teacher Training. I now have the privilege and opportunity to share what I have learned with others, while I continue on my own journey. I feel I can positively share through my own experience and knowledge while learning from my students in each class I teach. A person finds yoga in one's life for different reasons. I can't wait to meet you on the mat and hear how yoga has become a part of your life!

Mariah Carriero, Certified Yoga Instructor

When one first observes the positive effects that yoga has on their physical, emotional, and mental well-being, it is hard to resist the desire tell anyone who will listen. Yoga is awesome! One wants everyone to know yoga and how it can improve quality of life. 
When Mariah first experienced this she found sharing yoga irresistible. People were getting tired of listening to her talk about yoga, so she found a better way to channel her passion: she began teaching in 2009. 
Mariah's passion for teaching is only matched by her passion for learning. Curious, inquisitive, and experimental, Mariah is always digging deeper and continuing her education on the body and mind through the lens of yoga. 

Mariah's yoga classes are a delicious mix of practical and playful. She believes that intelligent and healthy movement is just as important as feeling comfortable and happy in our bodies. Her class design is thoughtful, lively, and nourishing.  She holds a natural sensitivity to each individual, their anatomy, and mental state. Mariah regularly encourages her students to flirt with the edge of their comfort zone and gives them the tools that help them feel comfortable doing so. 
"The best teacher will show you where to look but not tell you what to see." 
Alexandra K. Trenfor

Kailee is a true yoga geek! With a background in medical sciences combined with a creative heart, she thrives on the authenticity and growth that yoga provides. Although initially needing convincing to attend yoga, she soon fell in love with the delicate nature of self-reflection, meditation, physical awareness and spirituality involved in yoga. In her classes you can expect a light-hearted and welcoming environment with gentle encouragement. She believes in growth through love and that yoga is for everyone!